This Underwear is Changing the World

This Underwear is Changing the World

Step One has created The World's Most Comfortable Underwear.


Step One features

1. Bamboo Fabric


Cotton has long been the staple for underwear. But why is that?

It’s cheap. That’s why.

Bamboo is a more premium, higher quality and softer fabric that requires less water to grow.

If you've never had the pleasure of wearing bamboo underwear, you don't know what you're missing out on. Seriously, our bamboo Boxer Briefs and Trunks will make your old cotton underwear feel like sandpaper covered in rust and gravel. No word of a lie.

Heard of moisture wicking? Me neither...but it’s a fancy name for moving sweat away from your body, to the exterior of your clothing.  With this tech integrated into each pair of Step One underwear, you'll be left feeling dryer and fresher for the longer.

bamboo moisture wicking


2. 3D Comfort Pouch

Most men’s Boxer Briefs and Trunks were designed with a flat panel across the front. Ask yourself, are you flat across the front? No! You're a man. Why doesnt underwear reflect this?

Comparison 3D Comfort Pouch


So many brands talk about support, but they don't actually provide any. Step One provides both support and containment. You may be wondering, why is containment important?

Well it keeps your plums off your legs, leaving less skin to skin contact down there, significantly reducing the amount of sweat generated which will leave you feeling dry as a bone.

The other bonus is that it keeps you thing where they're meant to be, which means you won't have as many of those uncomfortable adjustments to put yourself back into position.


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3. Ultra Glide Lycra Panels

A pair of underwear made from 100% lycra underwear would be a sweaty nightmare.

The vast majority of a pair of Step One underwear is made from bamboo fabric. So why incorporate lycra?

Ultra Glide Lycra Panels

The theory goes like this, most guys wear bike shorts when they exercise to prevent ride-up and chafing. But bike shorts are too uncomfortable to wear all the time, they tend to restrict airflow and suffocate your plums. This is bad.

So here at Step One, we’ve adopted the ride-up prevention principle of bike shorts and added lycra only where it’s needed, the inner thighs!

Mens Bamboo underwear

Chafing and ride-up of your underwear occurs when fabric on the inner thighs rubs against each other, causing friction which leaves you with a horrible front wedgie. Even the best crowbar in the world can’t remove those wedgies :)

Experience a friction free world when you upgrade to Step One.


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4. Cut Out Retailers

Why do the big brands charge up to $60 for ONE pair of underwear?

It’s simple math, the more businesses in a supply chain the more expensive underwear becomes. We’ve cut out the expensive retailers and middlemen meaning you’ll receive better value for money, a customer service team who actually care about you and ultimately a superior product.

The more you buy the cheaper they should become, right? That’s right. Save 27% when you purchase one of our 4-Packs which take pricing a single pair from $29, to $21 per pair.

No matter who you're buying for, we have a range of packs to suit all occasions. The smallest pack starts at 4, and goes all the way to 15 pairs.


5. First Pair Guarantee 

Worried about ordering online? Don't!

First Pair Guarantee 

At Step One, we think that online shopping should be an enjoyable experience. So if you get order the wrong size or style, we’ll send you another size or style to try for FREE.

Just contact our legendary customer service team and we’ll dispatch another pair to you.

No exchanges, no more shipping costs.

Not happy with them? We’ll even refund your First Pair.

We love our product and put our money where our mouth is, how many retailers will do that for you?

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6. Real Customer Reviews

We use Product Review to gather customer reviews.

Why? They’re verified reviews, so customers have to provide proof of \ purchase before they can review. What does this mean to you?

  1. We can get our friends to submit fake reviews
  2. Customers have to have actually worn Step One’s.

Here are a few snippets of what customers had to say about Step One men’s underwear.

‘I have always struggled with chafing and sweaty thighs (fun), but since wearing Step Ones I’ve not only experienced no chaffing, I haven’t even had sweaty thighs.’ Jesse

‘After reading the reviews I recently purchased these underpants for both my boys. They both say they are very comfortable and want more of them. They love the length of them and they stay and don't ride up when moving around.’ Linda

‘Better than the hype..’ Grant

7. Customer Testimonials


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