What Causes Ride-Up and Chafing?

What Causes Ride-Up and Chafing?

Men's Underwear: What Causes Ride-Up and Chafing?

From the moment humans first stitched together a few fig leaves to cover their down-belows, the search has been on for a more comfortable fit where it matters most. Most men don’t give underwear a second thought.

From Boxer Briefs to Trunks, men’s underwear has evolved over the centuries, but comfort seems stalled. The situation has become uncomfortable, and it’s time to ask the big questions.

Why is it that men’s underwear constantly rides up and chafes? The short answer: it’s the material. But there’s more to the story than that. We created Step One to solve this age old problem. 

The Curse of Cotton

Most men’s underwear is still made from cotton. They say cotton is breathable, which should prevent chafing through greater cooling ability. In reality, cotton is no longer king, and it’s not cutting it in terms of comfort. Bamboo & other natural fabrics are taking over. It’s a natural fabric like cotton, but unlike cotton, it breathes better and is silky smooth to help prevent chafing which is excess sweat trapped in the fabric. 


What Causes Ride-Up and Chafing?

Boxer Briefs and Trunks are more popular in men’s underwear today than those trusted tighty-whities men used to squeeze into. While those tighty-whities might have put some guys in a pinch for space, at least they didn’t have to worry about fabric riding up. The root ride-up and chafing is a simple matter of construction. Boxer Briefs and Trunks have more material, and that cotton has to go somewhere when you move.

With more material in place, every move you make puts you one step closer to discomfort, ride-ups and chafing. The result is a variety of discomforts and downright embarrassments:

  •      First and foremost, it’s just not comfortable to have bunched material down there
  •      You’re constantly re-adjusting your crotch and pulling down on your pants; not exactly a charming look with the ladies
  •      Once that fabric goes north, your skin is exposed and those thighs will be chafing. The worse your chafing gets, the more likely you are to be shopping for cream to soothe the burn, not to mention a better pair of men’s underwear.

Rest Easy,  We Have Actually Thought Of A Solution 

It’s time to ditch cotton and upgrade. Step One’s Boxer Briefs and Trunks are made of bamboo for a smoother feel and more breathable fit. It’s not just the bamboo that makes the difference, but also the strategic placement of Lycra. Step One puts Lycra to work where you need it most: your thighs.

Stop walking around tugging at your pants and readjusting your crotch. Step One’s bamboo Boxer Briefs and Trunks are breathable, so you’re comfortable all day as you move about. But most importantly, the Lycra panels keep material in place while you move. Since Lycra glides smoothly against each leg, the fabric stays put against your thighs and prevents chafing completely.

It’s time you wrapped yourself in fashionable underwear that feels good too. You don’t have to take our word for it though, ask those who’ve already stepped up to the next generation of men’s underwear, we have over 250 5-star reviews to prove it. 

What to Expect from Step One Trunks/Boxer Briefs

You can forget about riding up, pinching, and chafing. Step One men’s underwear is comfortable, and guys who’ve already purchased tell us it’s so comfortable it’s like “being naked.” You won’t have to adjust yourself in public anymore, tug at your down-belows, or worry about chafing. Step One men’s underwear leaves you feeling fresh and confident all day. We guarantee it.


Shop Risk-Free with Step One

We’re confident in our men’s underwear, and you will be too. We offer a First Pair Guarantee to ensure it. Don’t love your first pair? We’ll refund your money. Get the wrong size? We’ll send you the right ones free of charge. Did you go big and buy the 4 pack only to find they don’t fit? Keep the pair you tried, send us the other 3 and we’ll get you the right size.

We even making shipping easy too. All Australian orders ship for free.

Live overseas? Any order over $75 ships free too!

It’s time to step into a new pair of Boxer Briefs or Trunks. Quit pinching pennies, and other places, and upgrade to Step One comfort now!

You will never go back. 



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