About The Product

We’ve taken the best features from our iconic men’s product and created the perfect pair of women’s underwear. Featuring anti-chafe technology designed to keep you comfortable all day and a super soft waistband to provide maximum support. Made from organic bamboo to suit even the most sensitive skin and a breathable fabric to keep you cool.

Our Features

What it does.

Why it matters.

Prevents dreaded ride up.
Thighs glide, no friction from fabric running together
Make ‘front wedgies’ a thing of the past.
No more uncomfortable chafing
The form of our product eliminates the visibility of the panty line, making you feel comfortable and confident
Nobody likes a VPL.
Bamboo Material
Grows faster and uses less water than cotton.
Significantly softer & smoother yarns than cotton
FSC Certified, Organically Grown Bamboo, wicks sweat away from the body.
Makes cotton feel like sandpaper covered in rust & gravel