Step One's
For Everyone


UltraGlyde™ Panels Between the legs end chafing forever


Hidden piece of elastic around the pouch. No more adjustments.


FSC Certified, Organically Grown Bamboo, wicks sweat away from the body

What's in a name?

What's the first thing you put on everyday? We bet it's your underwear. Step One is now complete.
We have set out to design the most comfortable underwear on the planet.
Our super soft bamboo boxer briefs and trunks are the most luxurious underwear that you will wrap your behind in.
Guys love boxer briefs and trunks, but hate that they ride up between your legs when walking. We solved this by adding our UltraGlyde™ panel to the inner thighs. Men around the world are now walking around in complete freedom without picking at their underwear.
We stand by our claim of making the best underwear in the world, and if you aren’t happy with your purchase we will refund them free within the first 30 days.