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Trunk - Black CurrantsTrunk - Black Currants
Trunk - Black Currants Sale price$35.00
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Trunk - ScorpiansTrunk - Scorpians
Trunk - Scorpians Sale price$35.00
Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step OneMens Bamboo Underwear at Step One
Trunk - Ahoy Sailor Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Smoking GunTrunk - Smoking Gun
Trunk - Smoking Gun Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Smashed AvoTrunk - Smashed Avo
Trunk - Smashed Avo Sale price$35.00
Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step OneMens Bamboo Underwear at Step One
Trunk - Juicy Plums Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Tin CansTrunk - Tin Cans
Trunk - Tin Cans Sale price$35.00
Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step OneMens Bamboo Underwear at Step One
Trunk - Butter Nuts Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Edamame BallsTrunk - Edamame Balls
Trunk - Edamame Balls Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Willy BonkasTrunk - Willy Bonkas
Trunk - Willy Bonkas Sale price$35.00
Buy Yellow Mens Bamboo UnderwearBuy Yellow Mens Bamboo Underwear
Trunk - Cheeky Cheddars Sale price$35.00
Trunk - HibiscusTrunk - Hibiscus
Trunk - Hibiscus Sale price$35.00
Buy Mens Bamboo UnderwearBuy Mens Bamboo Underwear
Trunk - Snowballs Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Egg YolksTrunk - Egg Yolks
Trunk - Egg Yolks Sale price$35.00
Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step OneMens Bamboo Underwear at Step One
Trunk - Snow Worries Sale price$35.00
Buy Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step OneBuy Mens Bamboo Underwear at Step One
Trunk - Barbee-Q's Sale price$35.00
Trunk - Oriental BlossomsTrunk - Oriental Blossoms
Trunk - Oriental Blossoms Sale price$35.00
Trunk - SandipantsTrunk - Sandipants
Trunk - Sandipants Sale price$35.00

Men's Trunks

Trunks have become a staple in men's underwear fashion, offering a modern and streamlined look. With their shorter leg length and snug fit, trunks provide excellent support and freedom of movement. Whether you're wearing them for everyday use or athletic activities, trunks offer a stylish and comfortable option.

Men's Trunks Size and Fit

Finding the right size and fit is crucial for comfortable wear. When shopping for men's trunks, it's important to consider your waist size and specific sizing guidelines. Step One sizes range from size 2XS to plus sizes like 2XL, ensuring a comfortable fit for men of all sizes.

Materials Matter: Bamboo Men's Trunks

For those seeking eco-friendly and comfortable underwear, bamboo trunks are worth considering. Made from sustainable bamboo fibres, these trunks offer breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and a soft texture against the skin. Bamboo trunks are a great option for men looking for both comfort and environmental consciousness.

Style and Variety: Options Galore

Step One offers a vast array of men's trunks to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer solid colours, patterns, or novelty designs, there are trunks available to match your personal style. Black and white trunks are timeless classics, while bold and vibrant options add a touch of fun and personality to your underwear collection.

Comfort is Key: The Most Comfortable Men's Trunks

When it comes to comfort, certain features make a difference. Look for trunks made from breathable materials like bamboo viscose to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Additionally, trunks with a soft and comfortable waistband and flatlock seams help prevent irritation and ensure all-day comfort.

Where to Buy Men's Trunks

Purchasing men's trunks online offers convenience and a wide selection, allowing you to compare different styles and prices.

If you're looking for a good deal, try selecting bulk packs of our men's trunks. Get a discount when you select a multi-pack options, such as 7-packs or 4-packs. These provide value for money and ensure you have a rotation of comfortable trunks to wear throughout the week.