NEW PRINT Bikini Brief

Bikini Brief

Moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic & super soft.


Cheeky SmoothFit Thong

SmoothFit Thong

Buttery soft and stretchy.


Lounging Body Short

Body Short

Perfect for under a dress, exercise, or lounging.


Everyday SmoothFit Bikini Brief

SmoothFit Bikini Brief

Moderate coverage for all-day comfort.


Maximum comfort SmoothFit Full Brief

SmoothFit Full Brief

Full coverage for stress-free comfort.


Why Step Ones?

Organically Grown Bamboo

This organic material, produced in a close-loop system, wicks away sweat and moisture and allows you to breathe all day long!

Ultraglyde™ panels

These friction resistant panels come with anti-chafe technology, so they prevents leg ride up and stop those awkward moments of re-adjusting in public!

Inclusive Size Range

Our underwear is designed for every body. Enhancing individual shape with the perfect fit & cut. We offer sizes XS - 3XL, and that's only the beginning!

Get your booty in bamboo bliss!

Ladies, your booty deserves better! Our women's bamboo underwear is here to save your tush from the tyranny of uncomfortable undies. Slip into the softest, most breathable fabric your derriere has ever felt. Trust us, your cheeks will thank you.

Why Bamboo? Because Your Booty Deserves the Best!

  • Ultra-Soft Fabric: Our bamboo viscose is softer than a kitten's purr and smoother than a jazz sax solo.
  • Breathable & Cool: Wave goodbye to swampy situations! Our undies keep you cool, dry, and feeling fly.
  • Eco-Friendly: Feel good in your skin and about your planet with our sustainable bamboo fabric.
  • Hypoallergenic: Perfect for sensitive skin, our bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. No more itchy-scratchy days

Ready to feel fantastic? Dive into our collection of bamboo underwear and give your booty the love it deserves. Shop now and let the bamboo magic happen