Say Goodbye To Chafing With Step One Underwear

Step One underwear is revolutionising the way we think about comfort and protection from chafing. No longer do you need to simply grin and bear it as we've got some epic anti-chafe boxer briefs that are here to save the day!
With a unique blend of Viscose derived from Bamboo, Step One has created a range of underwear using organic fabric that is incredibly soft, breathable, and lightweight. Not only does this organic fabric provide superior comfort, but it also helps keep you cool throughout the day as the viscose made from bamboo works to wick sweat away from the body. (Yes please!!)
For those who suffer from chafing, Step One underwear is a godsend. Step One's boxer briefs come with anti-chafe panels which make it feel like you're gliding when you walk. The organic fabric derived from Bamboo and made from Viscose is designed to reduce chafing by providing a barrier between your legs.
Gone are the days of hot, red and aching thighs when you say hello to the comfort of Step One's underwear and boxer briefs. For the men specifically, your Step One boxer briefs comes with a 3D Comfort Pouch which works to lift and separate your "eggs" from your legs and keep your goods in place. Not to mention, some gents find it creates a more flattering look for their crown jewels.
The best part is that Step One underwear is available in a variety of core colours and limited edition prints. Whether you prefer a classic black or a more playful design, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style - we've got underwear for everyone here at Step One!
Some how need more convincing?! Well, we're so sure you'll love your underwear and boxer briefs that we have a 30 Day First Pair Guarantee - if you don't love 'em, they're free!
If you’re looking for extremely comfortable underwear that will keep you cool, will make you look cool and help protect against chafing, look no further than Step One!

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