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FSC Organic Bamboo

Our Commitment To You

Step One cares for the environment.
All our production processes are designed to minimise our impact on the environment.
That’s why we are 100% transparent with our process and where our materials are sourced.
We aim to have the smallest possible footprint on our environment and have a positive impact on the workers throughout our whole manufacturing process.
Please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about our company, processes, facilities or ethos.


Step One uses Tanboocell🎁 branded Bamboo which is organically grown in China without the use of any pesticides and is FSC grown and certified. The production of Step One Bamboo does not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction.

We use a fully closed-loop process whereby the exhaust gas is recovered, it is treated by cooling, solidification or combustion.

Biological mould is added to the wastewater treatment process, and the treated water can be directly used for agricultural irrigation.

Most importantly, the Step One process does NOT use carbon-disulfide in the extraction process. The Alkali used for processing Bamboo chips is recycled.

Once the yarn has been extracted we then spin the Bamboo Viscose yarn onto spindles which are then sent to our Ethically Accredited Factories for manufacturing.

Sizing Chart
2XS 55-60cm
XS 65-70cm
Medium 85-90cm
Large 95-100cm
Extra Large 105-110cm
2XL 115-120cm




If you're between sizes, then go up a size ☝️
THICKER Legs? Then go for the BOXER BRIEFS
THIN Legs? Then TRUNKS are for you

Our 30-Day First Pair Guarantee means you can try 1 pair for up to 30 days and if it's the wrong size, then we'll send out a different size, for FREE. Yeah.. Free 💪 If you're still not satisfied, then you'll get a full refund on your first pair. (If you purchased a multi-pack, just send us back the unopened pairs 📮)