Step One Bamboo Underwear

Step One Becomes Australia’s First Signatory of the Global Fashion Forever Green Pact

Step One is proud to announce that we have joined a growing group of companies that have pledged to take immediate action to protect forests worldwide. While Step One has always strived to protect the environment in all aspects of our manufacturing process, the company is committing to this goal by signing the pledge. By gaining FSC® Certification, which requires rigorous auditing of every aspect of the business, customers can feel secure in their purchasing decisions. 

What is the Fashion Forever Green Pact?

The fashion industry’s circularity transformation is much-needed: a low-carbon future that is ethical, regenerative, and transparent. Today’s reality, however, is that significant demand for virgin materials remains. Renewable fibres such as man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) have taken the lead as a more sustainable alternative. However, over 50% of MMCFs are sourced from uncertified forests. This threatens all forests including valuable ancient forests and endangered areas. It also leaves ecosystems vulnerable to deforestation and illegal logging which threatens the people and wildlife that rely on them. With uncertified sourcing of MMCFs expected to grow, the fashion industry must take action to safeguard forests from further harm.

A world where forests and fashion can coexist is possible.

The Fashion Forever Green Pact is a call to immediate action for the fashion industry, brands, retailers, and manufacturers to adopt responsible sourcing to protect the world’s forests. FSC® certification is a vital tool that can help protect forests worldwide. As the most rigorous forest certification system, FSC's "check tree" label – found on millions of products worldwide, verifies sustainable sourcing of forest-based materials like MMCFs, from forest to consumer. FSC’s responsible forestry standard, linked to a strict chain of custody certification, is a proven solution to tackle today's climate and biodiversity challenges. This means choosing FSC helps protect the future of forests and the communities and wildlife that depend on them.

Brands and manufacturers can make a difference. Together, we can ensure there are forests for fashion, for all, forever.

Step One and why we choose bamboo.


Step One has recently become the first clothing and garment company in Australia to achieve end-to-end FSC® certification. By partnering with FSC® Step One is making a commitment to zero deforestation, fair wage & work environments, plant, and animal species protection & supporting local communities in all production of our viscose made from bamboo underwear.


By opting for viscose made from bamboo as the material for our garments, a naturally irrigated source, we not only avoid using additional water in production (unlike cotton) but also benefit from its natural antibacterial properties, sweat resistance, and superb softness.


Step One's commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and this certification is a testament to our dedication to creating a better future for our planet.