the product test

We needed to make our Step One Men's underwear better than those average man-rags you have in your drawer. But what makes our's just so damn good?


We love the brief and trunk style, but hate the ride up. We discovered that this is caused by fabric rubbing against fabric between the legs, causing friction and thus causing them ride up.

To combat this, Step One has invented the Ultra Glide Lycra panels to the inner thighs of Men's Boxer Briefs and Trunks. Using a similar material to bike shorts or compression leggings, the friction resistant nature of the fabric prevents chafing and thus stops that annoying ride up.

Not only does this solve the ride-up problem, it makes them ideal for sport. A number of our customers wear their Step One's playing sport as they receive the benefit of a natural fibre with excellent breathing qualities, as well as Bamboo's anti-bacterial properties and on top of this, the Ultra Glide Panel which reduce friction and make all types of sport far more comfortable.

Try just one pair of Step One's and you'll never go back to your old underwear.


Probably THE most important part. Most underwear are simply flat across the front, but are you flat across the front? No. You’re a man. As you can see by this example, a flat panel simply squashes your bits, and presses them against your leg:

So how do we solve this issue of it rubbing against your leg?

It’s more a case of you want to be ‘surrounded’ rather than supported, so we sculpted our perfected constructed 3D contoured pouch.

What most companies do around the pouch is stitch it together using a standard 2 or 3 stitch thread, so to create the perfect cup that moulds to your body, we have hidden elastic strip inside the stitch creating the perfect cup.

The moment you put on your first pair of Step One you will notice this elastic 3D pouch.


Unless you start with the right fabric, what's the point? We tested several fabrics, ranging from micro-modal to cotton and finally landed on Bamboo.

The properties of Bamboo are far superior and given it's a natural fibre, it breathes incredibly well and has moisture wicking properties keeping you dry and comfortable all day.

Most importantly, Bamboo grows quickly and uses far less water than cotton, it can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton; equivalent to a single T-shirt and pair of jeans.

The hand-touch of our fabric is simply stunning. The moment you touch your first pair of Step One's, you will be truly amazed at how soft and smooth our Bamboo fabric is.

The other feature of our men's Bamboo underwear is how silky smooth the waistband is. It's absolutely top of the line and you will certainly agree the moment you touch it.