Why Bamboo?

Once you go bamboo, you won't go back

Clothing in 2017, there are a myriad of fabrics, such as cotton, modal, mesh, polyester, coolmax, microfibre and our absolute favourite, bamboo. We’re so crazy about this fabric and believe it makes the best underwear in the world, to the point that pandas may chase you and eat the underwear off your backside. True story.

History of bamboo garments

Initial patents using bamboo dates back to the 1860’s (that’s not a typo) when it was first used to make cloth, mats and pulp for paper. Being back in the old days and stuff, the production process to turn raw material into consumer goods was too expensive to make it commercially viable. This was in part thought to be due to the transporting the bamboo to a manufacturing facility. Those poor souls in the 19th century were never able to experience the luxury that is Step One.

Some of the first uses for the fabric was developed at the the start of this century by a chinese university who were able to simplify the process and start marketing bamboo as a fabric to the western world. We tip our hats to these fine, fine people.


What it used for today

From the early 2000’s, the demand for bamboo products have grown exponentially and now see several types of garments being made in the fabric, mostly socks, t shirts and our favourite, underwear. You will notice that bamboo is great for anything that has direct skin touch.

Some of bamboo’s environmental uses are to help negate erosion and adding soil stability during forestry. Bamboo is also used ingeniously as windbreaks, however they won’t prevent your dog’s lingering flatulence.

During the research phase of Step One, we were especially delighted with the fact bamboo had also been put to work in beer. Since discovering this, we have lost at least 5 interns who were sent to scour the globe and only return with the spoils of bamboo beer.


Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo grows at a rapid speed, with a significantly less amount of water than cotton.

Besides being eco-friendly and biodegradable - giving conscientious customers peace of mind, it’s silky smooth texture is one of the softest materials on the market to date. Tick.

Feeling comfortable and fresh in the morning is a faultless way to start your day, no matter what the weather - keeping you cosy in Winter and breathable in Summer and everything in between. Being less likely to sweat than its counterparts of the fabric world; polyester and cotton, bamboo fibre is a breathable fabric made to ensure that your nether regions are always feeling fresh! Tick.

We all want to be odour free, especially when it comes to our bodies. The antibacterial properties of bamboo make this easily achievable as it pulls moisture from our skin to keep us dry, thus preventing bad odours from emerging. Tick.

Being a natural product, it’s the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin with slim chances of skin irritation. Tick.

How many ticks do you need?

Why Step One chose bamboo

We had been on the lookout for the perfect pair of underwear. We searched near and we searched far….we came back disappointed with no spoils of our adventures.

During our African safaris, riverboat cruises and chasing waterfalls, we tested some of the most popular fabrics on the market.


Cotton. Say it, it’s boring. Step One is fresh, it’s adventurous, it’s new….. it’s not cotton that’s fo’ sho. One thing that got our knickers in a knot was that over time, cotton lost its softness and our pairs started to became stiff,it’s rumoured that we could tie them to a flagpole with no wind and they would still stand upright. For as long as we can remember the cotton has been the staple go-to fabric and it is also one of the cheapest fabrics on the market.


One of the new kids on the block and a very good fabric. Once you pick up modal you instantly notice the smooth touch against your skin. It was during our time on the African safari’s that we noticed that modal didn't breathe as well as bamboo and left our behinds and nether regions a little on the warm side.


Cool and warm when needed, leaving you cool and carm under pressure. Environmentally sound. Extremely soft and comfortable, contours your body and making you feel like you weren't wearing anything. In fact, please check yourself now.

7/10 wear testers preferred Bamboo over the cotton and modal alternatives.

Heard enough?

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