Buying underwear sucks. You know. We know it. Guys simply don’t care about it. It’s an afterthought. We've changed the game. 

In August 2016, we were complaining about this very problem. It’s hard to find a pair that fits, and when you do find a pair you like, they are long gone by the time you need new ones. It’s uncomfortable, like a permanent front wedgie.

After consulting colleagues in the industry, we knew that there were many considerations from a technical standpoint to consider and having a close group of experts to guide us, we knew we had the network to create an astoundingly good product. 

So we got on a plane with the modus operandi to make a brand of underwear that has all the awesome stuff in it, and charge a fair price for it.

We want guys to put them on and think ‘these are f***ing comfy’. Pardon the French.
So here we introduce Step One. Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, you spend all day in it so it should be awesome, and quite frankly, Step One is THE best underwear you'll ever pull on. 

We are so confident they are, try a pair and if they don’t fit, we’ll send you another size or style, if not, we’ll offer you a full refund on your first pair.